Gas Metering & Connections
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New Connections for UK Commercial Sites

More and more businesses are opting for the excellent service and lower costs provided by independent consultants such as Direct Power over former monopoly suppliers of gas mains, meters, and meter servicing. Direct Power can help with the organisation and preparation of all gas metering and new electricity connection projects, including:

  • The supply and installation of all types of meters from simple diaphragm models to the most sophisticated turbine installations across all pressure tiers.
  • Every aspect of meterwork including replacement, testing, removal and the isolation of supply points.
  • Quotations for the design, supply and installation of meters within 48 hours of an enquiry for standard low and medium pressure meter rigs.
  • New Half Hourly electricity connections.
  • All work is completed by Ofgem Approved Meter Installer and an Ofgem Approved Meter Asset Manager.

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We can organise a gas meter installation or new electricity connection at your site much faster than larger monopoly suppliers.

Contact us today to find out FREE OF CHARGE how we can generate maximum savings on your companies gas and electricity bills.

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